Home Remedies for Glowing Skin

Natural, Ayurvedic, and herbal ways have been around for as long as one can remember. They are used for almost all the health-related problems that you can imagine. There are several home remedies that you can add to your daily routine without much hassle and they will not only keep the signs of aging in control but also leave your skin glowing, fresh, and hydrated. D-I-Y Fresh Homemade mask have become popular nowadays with the availability of online recipes and convenience of getting those ingredients online by Amazon. It is extremely cost effective to do it often at home by keeping the few main ingredients that commonly used for the homemade mask.

• Fuller’s Earth Mask For Wrinkles
Ingredients: 2 tablespoons of Fuller’s Earth 3-4 tablespoon of Rose Water
Process: Take a bowl. Add rose water and fuller’s earth in it and leave it for 2 hours. Mix well to make a paste when it is entirely smooth. Apply on your face with an upward stroke. Allow it to dry and then wash with lukewarm water.
The fuller’s earth in combination with rose water will tighten your skin and will help in reducing wrinkles and fine lines. For best results, you can follow the remedy twice a week.

• Honey and Lemon Mask for Dry Patchy Skin
Ingredients: Cinnamon sticks, 1 Tablespoon of lemon, one tablespoon of Honey, ½ cup of water
Process: Put some water into a boiling pan and add a cinnamon stick to it. Allow the cinnamon to release its extract in the water. When the water is half of the quantity, add honey, along with lemon and stir well. Take the pan off of the stove and allow the mixture to cool down a bit. Apply the solution on your face like a lotion with upward strokes and let it dry. After 20 minutes, wash your face thoroughly with water.
Honey has anti-bacterial properties. When used in combination with lemon it stops the bacterial growth and pimples, which in result dries your skin and causes patchy skin.

• Lemon Juice Toner to Get Rid Of Brown/Dark Spots
Ingredients: 2-3 Tablespoon of Lemon Juice, Fresh
Process: Take lemon juice add 2-3 tablespoon of water in it to dilute it. If you have sensitive skin, don’t apply the concentrated lemon juice on your face. Apply the sauce all over your face as a toner and allow it to dry. Wash your face thoroughly with lukewarm water.
Effects: Lemon juice has astringent properties it not only prevents bacterial growth on your skin but also provides you a healthy, young and glowing skin.

• Coconut Milk for Glowing Younger Looking Skin
Ingredients: 3 tablespoons of coconut milk A pinch of turmeric powder *(Skimmed milk for healthy skin and full cream coconut milk for dry skin)
Process: Take coconut milk cream and add a pinch of turmeric powder. Mix all the ingredients well and apply the mixture on your face like a lotion. Massage your look with the mix for good 10 minutes. Wash your face thoroughly after 20 minutes.
Effects: Turmeric will help in lightening your skin and fighting signs of aging like dark spots. Whereas coconut nut milk will rejuvenate your skin from the core and provide it the nourishment it requires for looking young and glowing.

• Papaya Pulp for Wrinkles
Ingredients: ¼ Cup of Papaya, mashed
Four tablespoons of coconut milk one teaspoon of Honey
Process: Mix all the ingredients and make a paste. Apply this glue on your face with upward stroke and allow it to dry on your face. Wash your face after 20-30 minutes with lukewarm water.
Effects: Papaya has a cooling effect on your skin and other than that it one of the best natural ingredients that have remarkable results on signs of aging like wrinkles and dark spots.

• Egg Yolk, Honey, and Olive Oil Mask to fight signs of Aging
Ingredients: 1 Egg yolk one tablespoon of Olive Oil 1 teaspoon of honey
Process: Mix all the ingredients and make an excellent paste of uniform consistency. Apply this mixture on your face with the help of a brush and allow the mask to get dry on your face. Wash your face thoroughly with water. Apply Rosewater on your face afterward as a tonic.
Effects: All the ingredients used in this mask are famous for their miraculous results on signs of aging. Egg yolk is rich in vitamins and essentials that are required for your skin to look healthy and glowing and olive oil and honey, rejuvenate your skin and help in lightening the dark spots.

How to pick the best anti-aging cream for your face?

Today, anti-aging creams are made intended for specific skin issues: Some creams treat crow’s feet, dark circles around the eyes and scarce differences around the mouth; others are designed to rejuvenate the skin, lessening the profundity of wrinkles and firm the neck. There are even anti-aging creams for specific area : hands, neck and body. There is an anti-wrinkle cure for each skin types: for individuals who have dry, oily, mixed or sensitive skin. A standout amongst the most critical guidelines while picking the best anti-aging product for your skin is to take a gander at the segments of the article. It is basically to pick an anti-aging cream that suits your skin type and needs. On the off chance that your skin has a ton of wrinkles around the eyes, you ought to consider purchasing an anti-aging cream for the eyes that treats crow’s feet and dark circles around the eyes. Amid the effectiveness of anti-aging cream ensure it is not too rich or oily that obstruct pores and cause an issue if it is left overnight.
It is advisable to pick an item that offers excellent sun protection  (SPF of no less than at least 15) to shield your skin from harmful UV exposure that causes premature aging of the skin. Today, most anti-aging creams in the market contain antioxidants that can safely interact with free radicals and terminate the chain reaction before vital molecules are damaged.

Properties of Anti-Aging Creams:

Retinol (vitamin A)
Vitamin A kills free radicals that cause premature aging. Free radicals separate skin cells and collagen in the skin. Retinol is otherwise called vitamin A, retinoic corrosive and retinoid. Vitamin A is likely the most part utilized as a part of anti-aging creams, serums, and toners. It diminishes wrinkles, almost negligible differences and staining of the skin and empowers collagen generation. Vitamin A is also known for its capacity to fix pores and limit sun harm. Retinol is broadly used to treat severe skin inflammation and rosacea.

The kinetin
The Kinetin, helps the skin hold regular dampness and fortifies collagen generation. It is an active antioxidant that can likewise battle against uneven pigmentation. It reestablishes the capacity of the natural moisture of the skin saves and relaxes the skin without symptoms and gives security to the skin against free radical harm.

Coenzyme Q10
Coenzyme Q10 is usually utilized as a part of anti-wrinkle creams and serums since it forestalls harm to collagen and elastin generation process and helps counteract scarcely discernible differences and wrinkles.

Copper peptides
Copper peptides are broadly utilized as a part of anti-aging creams since they fortify the generation of collagen. Copper peptides additionally improve the activity of antioxidants and upgrade wound mending. Copper peptides are successful against different types of skin aggravation, for the most part on account of their anti-provocative impacts. Copper peptides likewise empower the development of elastin and diminish loosening and wrinkles.

Vitamin A
Vitamin A is an antioxidant that diminishes the appearance and profundity of wrinkles. It empowers cell restoration of the skin.There are diverse types of vitamin A: retinol, retinyl palmitate and retinyl linoleate. The absence of vitamin A can cause dryness and solidity of the skin.

Vitamin C
Vitamin C is an antioxidant with a lighting up impact of the skin. It is a typical part of items healthy skin and also cosmetics items since it gives the skin an energetic and empowers blood flow. Vitamin C additionally keeps the skin flexible and counteracts premature aging of the last mentioned. At the point when consolidated with vitamin E lessens the indications of aging: wrinkles, almost negligible differences, cocoa spots and age spots. Vitamin C is otherwise called ascorbic corrosive.

Vitamin E
Vitamin E gives standard protection against dangerous UV rays. Vitamin E makes a dampness boundary and keeps the staining of the skin. It helps the skin to repair itself.

The most widely recognized are vitamin A, vitamin C and vitamin E. Antioxidants kill free radicals and anticipate premature aging of the skin. Numerous magnificence items: the facial chemicals, saturating salves, tonics, claim to contain antioxidants. Antioxidants are added to restorative items containing fat, for example, lipstick and lotions to anticipate rancidity.

Tea separates
Tea separates (green tea, dark tea, white) are typically found in anti-aging creams, serums, covers, and moisturizers. The tea removes go about as antioxidants in the battle against free radicals. They have anti-fiery properties and help in repairing skin harm.

Retinoids are derivatives that are artificially identified as vitamin A. They make the skin more slender and smoother and decrease the presence of barely recognizable differences and wrinkles. Retinoids are utilized as a part of the treatment of numerous maladies and are influential in treating various skin conditions, for example, provocatively disarranges of the skin, growth, skin issue in cell recharging and aging. Retinoids decrease wrinkles, spots, clogged pores (whiteheads and zits), and stains brought on by daylight. Topical retinoids are likewise viable medications for gentle skin break out. It takes around three months for the skin adjusts to a retinoid.

Hyaluronic Acid
Hyaluronic Acid is a segment of connective tissue whose capacity is to pad and grease up the skin. It is discovered naturally in the skin; its function is to hold water.

Anti-Aging Yoga Poses

Pose 1. Cat-Cow (Marjariasana Bitilasana) or Meow-Moo pose
You may die, but you’ll never grow old if you have a flexible spine. Yogi Bhajan (Kundalini yoga master)

Cat-Cow is a great warm-up or poses on its own that you can do anywhere, anytime, no matter how much yoga experience you have. It is straightforward and brings you significant benefits. Cat-Cow works on your back all the way from the neck down to your coccyx, breaking physical and energy blockages along the entire spine. It is also known to help reduce pain in the lower back, improve vision, boost with menstrual discomfort and more.

Let it be your routine in the morning if you want to be healthy from the inside out. While making Cat-Cow move slowly and in coordination with your breathing for 2-3 minutes, then rest in children pose.

Start in “Tabletop” position. Align your wrists right underneath your shoulders and knees directly underneath your hips.


Inhale and gaze up dropping your belly down and reaching your tailbone up. Keep your shoulders back and away from your ears. Note: move your head last and try not to tilt your head too far back.

Exhale and round the spine, dropping the head and pulling the belly in. Press the palms into the floor and keep your hips over your knees. Chair variation is shown on the previous page.


Pose 2. Bow Pose (Dhanurasana)
Yoga doesn’t take time; it gives opportunity. – Ganga White

Bow pose is an excellent anti-aging exercise. It quickly opens up your chest and allows you to breathe deeper, therefore oxygenating and revitalizing your cells. Keep in mind that there is not much benefit to eating a healthy diet if your digestive system is not able to process food correctly.
Proper digestion allows you to get the most out of the nutrition. Remember that your body is not hungry for calories, but is hungry for the nutrients.

Full version. To start to reach back with your arms and take hold of your ankles (or the tops of the feet). On inhale raise your chest and legs off the floor, pressing your ankles into your hands. Keep your knees no more than hip-width apart at all times.
Modifications. Use cushioning beneath your hip bones if needed. For beginners, please use the version shown below.

You can start practicing bow pose by holding it for 2-5 breaths with three repetitions. To maximize the benefits, you can add a gentle rocking back and forth motion. Advanced practitioners can work towards keeping the pose for 11 minutes with long deep breaths and may also use the Kundalini “breath of fire.” This pose is not simple and needs practice, so please, take your time and progress little by little.

Pose 3. Seated Twist (Ardha Matsyendrasana)
A twist a day keeps the doctor away.


You can fold forward or bend back, you can lean side to side, but without twisting, your spine is not getting the full attention it needs. You have to remember to move your needle in all four significant ways (flexion, extension, side bending, rotation) to keep it healthy. Twisting (rotation) is an essential one. Twists wring fat out of your waist and toxins out of your organs. This pose increases purification of the blood and detoxification of the internal organs.
While you are twisting, your organs get squeezed, and as soon as you release the twist, blood rushes towards them with a fresh supply of nutrients and oxygen.

Regular practice of seated twists and its variations also helps to bring mobility to those suffering from a limited range of motion in hips and shoulders. To get the most out of practicing this pose make sure to lengthen your torso as much as possible before and while twisting. To modify this posture sit in a chair or crossed-legged on the floor. Your movements should be slow and gentle. Think of yielding, breathing profoundly and waiting for the body to open up.


Pose 4. Shoulderstand (Salamba Sarvangasana)

Shoulderstand also called “the queen of asanas,” has some health benefits, especially for those fighting with aging. Some of the benefits are:
improves the color and tone of the skin
makes your face attractive, rejuvenates facial skin, keeping it wrinkle-free
helps to reduce dark circles under the eyes
helps to turn back gray hair to its natural color and delay the appearance of gray hair
stimulates mental alertness due to increased blood circulation to the head
improves your vision
helps your hair, skin, teeth, and nails to grow strong and healthy at any age.
Shoulderstand, as well as Headstand (Sirsasana), Forearm stand (Pincha Mayurasana), Plow Pose (Halasana) are known as poses of inversion because they involve positioning your heart above your head.

Inversions turn the energy flow upside down, keeping you not just looking young and vital but feeling high as well.
Inversions are widely used as an alternative to antidepressant therapy. However, it is not recommended to invert your body upside down during your menstrual period which is a resting and cleansing time for your body and soul. During that time your body’s natural flow of energy is directed towards the earth and inversions may interfere with it.


If you are new to yoga, I recommend you start with the beginner variations of shoulderstand shown on this page. Be especially careful with your neck, remembering to keep the weight firmly on the shoulders. You should be able to breathe deeply while in the posture.

Pose 5. Kapalabhati Pranayama
When you inhale, you are taking the strength from God. When you exhale, it represents the service you are giving to the world. – B.K.S.Iyengar


Kapalabhati Pranayama (breathing technique) is performed sitting with a focus on forceful exhalation through the nose and pulling your abdomen in towards the spine. Kapalabhati is translated as “skull shining” breath. It’s an easy, quick fix that improves weakened concentration.
Because Kapalabhati breathing cleanses the lungs very profoundly, it benefits the entire respiratory system, easing out symptoms of sinus and asthma. Swami Ramdev claimed that it “completely removes blockages in arteries and controls cholesterol.”
Since most people breathe too shallow, air circulation occurs only in the upper part of their lungs, leaving stagnant air in the lower lung area. In this breathing technique, you will be able to cleanse the lower part of your lungs by pulling your abdomen in. During Kabalabhati you will exhale unwanted CO2 from your body. Oxygen supply to your bloodstream will increase. Your blood purification process speeds up and helps to stop or even reverse your aging.


1. Kapalbhati should be practiced on an empty stomach only. Start by lengthening your spine, relaxing your face and shoulders. Tuck your chin slightly towards the chest. Inhale at a reasonable pace

2. Forcefully expel the air through the nose and pull the navel in towards the spine by quickly contracting abdominals. Allow the next inhalation to occur without any effort. Continue at a steady rhythm.

Start by practicing for about half a minute. Then work your way up to 3 minutes. It is not recommended for people with high blood pressure, for pregnant women or during menstruation.




I Want a Bowl Of Bone Broth Please!

Health Benefits of the Bone Broth Diet

Bone broth is great for the body. It helps in many ways and heals the body from the inside out.
Here are some of how the bone broth diet helps your body:

Weight loss
One of the main benefits of the bone broth diet is weight loss. As you know, most people these days complain about excess weight gain and obesity. One right way to lose the weight and cut out the fat is by making use of a bone broth. The broth contains many minerals that have a slimming effect on the body. The food is also full of body that satisfies a person’s hunger and makes them feel full for a long time thereby staving off the need to consume any additional foods.

Protects Joints
Joint issues are quite common these days. Given the sedentary lifestyles that people lead, it becomes all the more important to protect joints. Most people take glucosamine supplements for the same. However, what many don’t know is that the chemical is present in bone broth. You can consume bone broth on a regular basis and stave off the joint issues. What’s more, apart from glucosamine, your body will be treated to many other nutrients as well, which will make you strong and healthy. It can also help with joint inflammation and provide quick relief from the pain.

Strengthens bones
Bones are significant and give your body both strength and structure. Calcium is the main component of bones, and the best way to nourish yours is by consuming calcium from animal bones. By boiling the bones, you can extract as much of the nutrient as possible and destroy it. Bone marrow is extremely rich in calcium, and that is the best bones to pick to prepare the broth. Apart from calcium, the body will get some other high nutrients as well such as magnesium and phosphorous which are great for the organization.

Younger skin
The bone broth is considered an elixir by many as it has amazing skin benefits. They prefer to drink it instead of making use of skin care creams. Wrinkles are seen as a sign of aging. Bone broth is full of natural collagen, which helps in reducing the appearance of lines. You don’t have to make use of fillers and can merely use bone broth to fight away the signs of aging. Your skin will feel younger and plumper. It will remain well hydrated and stay with a unique glow.

Better hair
Bone broth can increase your hair’s tensile strength and also increase the density. Bone broth is full of minerals and nutrients that are good for the rebuilding of tissues. It will help you have better hair that is strong and healthy. Your hair will look shiny and sleek. Your nail health will also improve considerably. If you have nails that break easily, then that can be fixed by consuming bone broth.

Stronger teeth
You can have stronger teeth by consuming bone broth. As you know, it contains calcium and also phosphorous both of which are extremely important for healthy teeth and gums. If your teeth easily chip, then you can consume bone broth on a regular basis. Your teeth will also turn whiter thanks to the buildup of calcium. Gum health will considerably improve, and you will also experience better breath.

Better sleep
Stress is a significant factor these days and worries many. Stress and tension also cause insomnia, which makes a person stay up at night. It can be a problem, and the best way to beat it is by consuming bone broth. Research done on the effects of bone broth on people has shown that it is possible for people to sleep better and also drive away their insomnia. Bone broth also assists in memory improvement, which is an excellent add-on to the other health benefits that it provides.

It is easy for you to improve your protection by consuming the bone broth diet. Many people make use of the food to improve their health and vigor. You will see that it is possible for you to stave off frequent coughs and colds and improve general health. You must remember your grandmother making you chicken soup when you were sick. The reason is that meat soups have the power of enhancing your immunity thereby making you stronger and fitter. Research has also shown that bone broth diet helps with autoimmune diseases.

Burst of energy
Bone broth has the power to increase your strength by several folds. If you suffer from fatigue and wish to increase your energy levels, then you should turn to bone broth. You will feel highly energetic and full of vital vigor. You have to consume it on a regular basis though and ensure that you drink at least a glass full of it. Many people have now replaced their morning coffee with the bone broth as it helps them stay awake and also provides them with ample energy throughout the day.

Fight Infections
We all know of the old tradition of giving a sick person chicken soup and, really and truthfully, it does work. Not the canned or the condensed variety though; make your chicken soup using chicken bone broth, and it will help to reduce the symptoms experienced with infections of the upper respiratory system. It does this by boosting your immune system and reducing inflammation and, far from being another “old wives’ tale,” this one has been scientifically proven.

Helps with Recovery after Exercise
Studies carried out showed that bone broth helped athletes to recover following a workout. It rehydrates the body and supplies it with a fresh batch of electrolytes to replace those lost through sweat. Plus, bone broth contains amino acids, which are the building block of protein and they can help to rebuild the muscle, especially following a session of strength training.

A Healthy Digestive System
Thanks to the gelatin contained in it, bone broth helps to promote proper digestion, which is the same gelatin that contains in Jell-O and other similar products. It comes from the proteins and collagen in the hooves, bones, ligaments, and tendons of an animal. Whenever you eat a serving of bone broth, you are getting a healthy dose of this gelatin, and it works on your digestion by healing your gut and sealing it. In effect, it is lining the inside of your gastrointestinal tract, stopping the nutrient from leaking out, while also reducing inflammation. This condition is known as a leaky gut syndrome, and bone broth is especially helpful to anyone who suffers from it.

Health and Function of the Liver
Gelatin is made up of a mixture of different proteins, and where you have so many amino acids, one of which is glycine. You will find glycine in abundance in gelatin, and this is vital for the health of your liver. The liver is our detoxification organ, but the limit of that function depends on the level of glycine it can get. Drinking bone broth on a daily basis is an excellent start to keeping your liver functioning at it very best.

Fights Inflammation
As well as being full of protein, bone broth also contains high levels of three primary amino acids – glycine, arginine, and proline. All of these work together to fight and reduce inflammation in the body and is the main reason why bone broth is good for fighting off respiratory infections.

It’s Full of Minerals and Vitamins
Bone broth is packed full of vitamins and minerals, and the most important ones are the fat-soluble vitamins, such as vitamin D. These are absorbed best when they are consumed with fat, and that means bone broth is one of the best sources. Bone broth also contains high levels of minerals that are too absorbed much better, including magnesium, phosphorous, silicon and calcium.

Broths foraging

When it comes to bone broths, there are many types that you can prepare.We will look at the different meats and parts that you can use for your broth.Bone broths can be prepared from bones of pretty much any type of meat. As long as you think it will help you attain a nutritious soup, you can use it. Here is a list of meats that used for bone broth preparation:

Beef is the most preferred meat for bone broth mainly because of its nutritious contents. Beef is also readily available and works to be cost-effective. You can buy a large batch and extract quite a lot of broth from it. Pretty much all spare parts of beef can be used. So, you can toss in the bones, leftover meat, feet, tail, knuckles, etc. All those pieces that will be left behind after a meal can be used for stock.

Goat/ sheep
Goat and sheep is the next most preferred choice of meat. Many people consume a soup made out of goat leg bone to recover from fractures. Goat or sheep bones consist of marrow, which is what contains most of the nutrients. You can make use of goat/ sheep bones, leftover meat, legs, neck, etc. Some people also add in the head as that too can contain a lot of flavor and nutrition. But if you don’t wish to use it then you can skip it.

Chicken is the most preferred fowl to prepare the bone broth. You can pretty much throw in the whole chicken, head and all, into your broth pot. It is the best meat to use. Apart from chicken, you can also use turkey or duck if you like. Quail will even give you a tasty broth and in fact a sweet one.

You can use pork to make broth as well. It is mainly cooked in Asian countries like China. You can use the bones, leftover meat and also other inedible parts that you would throw out.

Fishbone broth is very nutritious. But given the fact that difficult to acquire many fish bones to make a good soup, many prefer to throw in some other meats for a sweet brew.

Let’s look forward to some delicious bone broth recipes.



Know What You Eat

In addition to daily exercise, the most critical aspect of your anti-aging process involves special care for nutrition. What you eat is what your new cells are made from, and you need to quit eating garbage such as fast food and processed snacks. You don’t have to get on a special diet, and even more important, don’t make weight loss your primary goal. Your primary goal is your health. You are not going to become younger by fasting; that way you’ll only get exhausted and put on even more weight once you quit starving yourself. However, you are going to grow younger if you’re mindful of your health. Tasty, healthy and natural foods will help you fight aging. There are a few simple principles that you should follow.

Eat fewer carbs. Simple sugars of all kinds, as well as white bread, white rice, and pasta, are bad for you, as they cause intense spikes of renewed hunger.

Eat good fats; they are an indispensable source of energy.

Stop eating saturated fats—their only advantage is prolonged shelf life. Unfortunately, they tend to remain equally long on your hips and belly as well.

Eat fruit and vegetables of all kinds. They are full of micronutrients (vitamins) and fibres.

Eat less red meat and more fish. Moderate consummation of eggs can provide you with sufficient protein intake too.

Get a bright idea of your caloric intake and control your portions. Don’t eat more than you have to and don’t eat when you are not hungry.

Learn to look at the label. Valuable information is required by law and easily accessible, as long as you don’t mind reading small letters.

Remember that junk food is inflammatory for your cells. Also, paradoxically, an overabundance of food combined with idleness causes storing up fat. Your body does not want extra fuel even when it is active.

It is imperative to make a difference between good and evil fat, as well as between good and evil. The right carbohydrates are the ones found in nature. The best sources of carbohydrates are fruits, vegetables, and whole grains.

Your body uses fat in three different ways: as fuel, for growth, and for storage. Unsaturated fat is the essential fuel for your metabolism and a fundamental building block for your body. Your cell walls are built with unsaturated fat. Saturated fat, on the other hand, is used for storage. Simple sugars and saturated fats are the main ingredients of all those foods that make you weak, overweight, and ill. Just stop eating them.


Healthy Foods and Remedies

Now that you know what you should not eat, here is a list of what you should. Of course, the list is not—and it can’t be—finite. There are so many sorts of fruit and vegetables and other healthy nutrients, and we could not possibly list them all, but here is some general guidance and a couple of foods that, combined with a healthy lifestyle, can make a miracle for your health, general fitness, and working age.

Olive Oil—monounsaturated fats are widely responsible for low rates heart diseases and cancer. Moreover, olive oil contains powerful antioxidants called polyphenols, which help prevent age-related illnesses.

Yogurt—rich in calcium, helps fight osteoporosis (a condition where bones become fragile and brittle due to lack of calcium) and contains the microbiological cultures of natural probiotics that help your digestive functions.

Fish—source of omega-3 fats, help prevent cholesterol buildup in arteries and therefore helps prevent numerous heart diseases and stroke.

Chocolate—rich in flavanols that help the blood vessels to function properly. In 2014, the European Food Safety Authority officially agreed that “cocoa flavanols help maintain the elasticity of blood vessels, which contributes to normal blood flow.” Note that not all chocolate contains flavanols: they are often removed because of their bitter taste. Such flavanols-free chocolate is full of sugar instead, and are not recommended.

Nuts—rich in unsaturated fats, vitamins, minerals that also responsible for low rates of heart diseases and cancer

Wine—Red Wine contains resveratrol, which helps activate genes that slow cellular aging.

Blueberries—reduce inflammation and oxidative damage, which helps to improve memory and motor function.

Salmon—high in omega-3 fats, prevents heart diseases and stroke.

Rooibos Tea—high in polyphenols that help protect skin from premature aging, hydrates the skin and is the best alternative to coffee, which dehydrates the skin.

Green Vegetables—such as broccoli, kale, and spinach helps to keep skin hydrated and healthy.


Secrets of Anti-Aging

Six Steps to Brain-Body Health

  1. Regular Exercise

Physical exercise will reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s by about 50% as well as severely reducing the possibility of any other cognitive problems. That’s not to say you need to start running marathons or anything that involves extreme effort and commitment. Start slowly with increased physical movement to your daily routine and build up to longer walks or gentle aerobic exercise.

  1. A Healthy Diet

Your brain needs nutrition so that it functions most efficiently. That means your daily diet need lean protein, fruit and vegetables and good fats.

  1. Mental Stimulation

Learning new things or undertaking activities that require multi-tasking help keep your mind active: memorization, learning a new route, strategy games, and puzzles, or acquire a new skill or even a hobby

  1. Quality Sleep

To function at optimum capacity, you need to get enough sleep. A decent uninterrupted sleep is most beneficial for the body. It will stop you from feeling tired and enable you to think clearly and recollect facts more readily. Eight hours is the average amount of sleep normally required by a healthy body. Establish a routine so that it becomes part of your lifestyle and if you need to, set the mood so that you fall straight into a nice slumber.

  1. Manage Stress

Too much stress can hinder nerve cell growth, affecting and essentially shrinking a key memory area in the brain. It’s a double-edged sword that the older we get, the more stress we take on. Try and manage these levels by meditating or adopting other forms of relaxation such as walking, praying or performing daily breathing exercises.

  1. Talk to Someone

We are social creatures and need to interact with other people to thrive – it helps our cognition and memory when we spend more time and connect with people. Be more outgoing and feed your brain some food – this happens when we interact with others on a regular basis.