Rethinking the obvious: Is the fashion industry harming the world?

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We all like to dress up in our fancy clothes for a few moments of happiness. The mere happiness we get from that dress-up is not worth the damage it is causing. If you’re confused about how exactly is your wardrobe a threat to the environment, keep reading!

Where’s the harm

The issue with your wardrobe comes down to one thing only; your lack of information. Most people tend to buy clothes if they look stylish, feel comfortable, suit them, etc. Hardly anyone ever shops by considering the background of the item. You may consider price, but you’ll never consider the process of manufacturing, the raw material, and all the other factors that are actually responsible for bringing this world’s health down. We are not inspired by nature and we aren’t bothered by things like these.

The materials

Clothes are either made out of natural fibers or synthetic ones. These categories further divide into multiple materials. Natural fibers mostly include expensive materials such as silk, wool, cotton, bamboo fabric etc. When it comes to synthetic fibers, these are the problem makers. Polyester, nylon, acrylic, and other man-made sources are all part of this category. These materials are opted for because they are cheaper to produce. Similarly, these materials are also somewhat renewable. However, the issue is that in everyday use, these materials bring more harm than relief. Science has proven that every time a polyester cloth is washed, some of its fibers are released into the water. These fibers eventually find their way into bigger water bodies where they form a sponge that absorbs harmful chemicals such as BPA, DDT, and what not. These fibers then become food for small fish, which are eaten by bigger fish, which are then eaten by us humans. Plastics have also been found in food items like honey. Long story short, contamination in the water causes the existence of plastics into things where it can be life-threatening.

The solution

With every passing day, people’s lust for fashion is increasing. This means higher usage of synthetic fibers, more harmful substances in our food, and plastics in our bloodstream. It is high time that the route is shifted from this path of destructions. What we need is a fashion line inspired by nature. The solution here is bamboo fabric. Our clothing line offers sustainable yoga wear that will make you look good while preserving the world.

Bamboo fabric isn’t just free of harmful fibers, it has hundreds of other benefits as well. There is minimal waste from bamboo fabric production as compared to the textile waste that results from the production of clothes made of synthetic fibers. It makes the perfect material for sustainable yoga wear because it is comfortable, odor free, and sweat-proof. This means no sweat, no stinking, and ultimate comfort. The magic of bamboo fabric is that it keeps you cool in summers and warm in winters. This eco-friendly option prevents the body from absorbing UV rays. This allows for it to be attire that prevents cancer. How cool is that? It is perfectly suited for sensitive skins as it is hypoallergenic. The natural bamboo fabric is not a source of allergic reactions. In fact, it prevents anything of the sort.

If you too are inspired by nature, opt for our sustainable yoga wear that will keep your look and blood free of plastics.

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