Secrets to supple and growing skin

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The skin has two layers. It is the layer beneath the outer layer, the epidermis, where wrinkles start to form (in the dermis). This layer is made up of collagen and other proteins, but the body stops producing collagen through the aging process. Collagen makes our skin elastic and smooth and when production of this decline, the skin will sag, and we’ll get wrinkles. While it’s a natural process, it’s often accelerated by sun damage, smoking, inadequate nutritional consumption, not enough hydration, excessive facial expressions through laughing, frowning, etc. and excessive pollutants or toxins in the atmosphere.
Fortunately, there are some things you can do to prevent or counter the effects of these environmental causes of wrinkles, building the remedies into your lifestyle.

1. Vitamin and Antioxidants
Antioxidants that are available in the forms of vitamins A, C, E and beta-carotene efficiently counteract pollution and toxins. They are present in a variety of fruit and vegetables so having the correct diet should be an essential consideration in your lifestyle choices.

2. Unsaturated Fat(polyunsaturated fatty acids and monounsaturated fats)
Good fats won’t make you fat, but they will keep your skin supple and plump out the wrinkles by making it more elastic. Good fats can even help lower cholesterol levels and reduce the risk of heart disease. Avocados, nuts like almonds and pistachios, olives oil, salmon, flaxseed, for instance, are rich in unsaturated fats.

3. Cod Liver Oil
Full of vitamins and omega 3, it will provide needed oils to your skin and also act as a protectorate against sun damage.

4. Sleep
Human Growth Hormone (HGH) is a hormone that is produced while we are sleeping, that keeps our skin supple by encouraging cell growth. Inadequate sleep results in increased production of cortisol and prevents cell growth. It ultimately makes you look old.

5. Exercise
Work out increases your circulation and makes you sweat, both great for your skin- inside and out! Think about how great our skin looks after you’ve just finished a good workout. Your cheeks blush, your skin glows with good health and energy.

6. Exfoliation
In addition to less collagen and elastin as we age, our dead skin cells shed more slowly, too. When these cells accumulate on the surface, skin appears rough, dull and dry. Add exfoliation to your skin care regime twice a week to slough away dull, dry skin cells to reveal smoother, more glowing skin.

7. Moisturizer
Lock in the water that’s left on your skin’s surface. Skin that is kept moisturized is suppler and smoother to the touch. There are a lot of miracle-promising concoctions out there and face creams that claim the ability for a face-lift in a jar. But it is always preferable to take the more natural and non-toxic path – natural moisturizers. Natural oils such as coconut oil or argan oil, for example, are perfect for wrinkles. Coconut oil is a little greasier than argan, but both are great at attacking wrinkles, dry skin, age spots, with prolonged use.

8. Gentle Facial Massage
Give yourself a gentle facial massage to stimulate circulation in your skin. That’s many ways of massaging your face that I am going to share on my next blog.

9. Sunscreen
The less toxic, the better, as it’s surprising how many toxins are in many brands of sunscreens.  But if you use a natural sunscreen, you’ll be staving off one of the biggest causes of wrinkles ever.

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